The Workbench

Recycled steel, fine gold and fine silver are the materials most used in our studio. The gold and silver is fused over 1900 degrees Fahrenheit onto mild steel. To lessen the negative health and environmental impact, we use non-chemical patinas and we sealed our pieces with environmentally friendly waxes.

Steel has changed our world like no other metal. Today is widely used in construction, transportation and other everyday applications. We favor this metal because its 90% iron, which is the one element that connect us all.

Design Process

We focus on balance, structure, wear-ability and right proportions in each design from sketch to finish.

Our Brand

Our jewellery collections express a play with light, dimension and surface formations, almost like painting. Steel is used as a canvas,
the torch as a brush and a mix of metals – fine gold and fine silver as our paint palette.
Each piece results in different patterns that combined with gemstones creates different intensities of luminosity and spectrum of light. 



We are dedicated to sustainability in all the steps to create your jewellery out of respect for the earth. The materials used to create our collections are low-waste, recycled and reclaimed to reduce the damage of our environment in our own practices and across the jewellery industry as a whole.
We look at the global landscape as our home, and take steps both locally and abroad to ensure it stays beautiful.